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James Beard Award-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott cooked his first whole hog when he was just 11 years old. Since that day he has dedicated his life to the art of South Carolina barbecue and now shares his passion for the pit with people all over the world.


Scott began cooking at his family’s business in Hemingway, South Carolina, a convenience and grocery store on the side of the old highway called Scott’s Variety, where patrons could stop by for local produce, cold drinks and, on Thursdays  only,  smoked  whole  hogs.  The  Scotts  built  their  own  pits  behind  the  store  and  fired  them  up  with hardwood coals. News of delicious pork barbecue began to spread amongst locals about the Scotts’ weekly barbecue feast, and the store quickly became well known in the region for that Scott family flavor. By the mid-80s, Scott’s Variety began smoking hogs two days a week, and that eventually turned to three. Folks drove for hours to meet Rodney Scott and try his barbecue that came from time-honored regional cooking traditions in Hemingway. In  2012,  they  added  a  fourth  day,  offering  their  old-fashioned  whole-hog  Carolina  barbecue  every  Wednesday through Saturday to eager patrons.


Word of the mouth-watering food in Hemingway quickly reached the rest of the world as Scott traveled (as far as Australia and Belize), sharing his passion for whole hog barbecue and gaining  superfans like Sean Brock, the late Anthony Bourdain, and Nick Pihakis who also shared the gospel of his whole hog cooking. As Scott’s notoriety grew, so did the requests for him to open a joint closer to town.


In February 2017, Scott and Nick Pihakis formed a partnership and opened the doors to Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ in Charleston’s North Central neighborhood. Smoked over glowing coals of oak with a touch of hickory and pecan  hardwood,  the  fresh  whole  hogs  are  first  cooked  belly-down  for  12  hours  before  their  flipped,  seasoned, doused with Rodney’s Sauce and cooked a little while longer to let the flavors soak in. The pulled pork is then served with  sides  like  cornbread,  fresh-cut shoestring fries, mac n’ cheese with a crispy breadcrumb topping and more. Spare  ribs,  Southern-fried  catfish,  and  pit-cooked  barbecue  chicken  provide  a little  variety to  an  otherwise  pork-packed menu, along with a homemade banana pudding inspired by Scott’s mother.


A  year  after  opening  his  flagship  in  Charleston,  Scott  was  the  first  pitmaster  to  be  named  the  2018  Best  Chef: Southeast by the James Beard Foundation in an historical and humbling win. He participates in festivals and events all over including Big Apple BBQ, Austin Food & Wine, Music to Your Mouth, Hogs for a Cause, Charleston Wine + Food Festival and more. With no plans to stop spreading the gospel of whole hog barbecue any time soon, Scott and Pihakis will open a Birmingham, Alabama, outpost in early 2019.


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